Finger Food

Went for something a bit more gory, grungy and real, after seeing work by the amazing Elena Sai -
Her works are gory, hyper real images, where everyone has massive luring eyes, dark, gothic, usually involves blood and a very eerie feel.
I wanted to do something a bit more like that, as when I'm painting I don't actually realise but when i look back at the final peice its always super colourful. Which is kinda weird as I'm a miserable, pessimist of a person so you'd think bright bold colours wouldn't be present in my work. really enjoyed this and want to do more like it
Got something in the works to where i really wanted to challenge myself and make the most photo realistic piece i had ever done. So that'll be uploaded soon but its taking forever! I think ill stick with a brushey, painterly style ive made but just wanted to really push it to see if it was possible at my current skill.