Fallout 4 Wanderer

Liam golden fallout 4 wanderer 10 cln 2800
Liam golden wip base 2
Liam golden wip base 4
Liam golden fallout 4 12 companion 2 1800
Liam golden fallout wandere 1 angled lights
Liam golden f4 companaion free premium photo frame mock

Inspired by the Fallout 4 Wanderer live action trailer from Bethesda.
screen shot from the trailer used as reference then digitally drawn and painted with Photoshop.

worked on this since i saw the trailer, always been a Fallout fan and have been working on this since i first saw the trailer around 5 weeks ago. today i finally finished it.

Prints Available Here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LiamGolden